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Beside case studies and business models, there are tons of other things we like to explore! If you are looking for a comprehensive blog about social entrepreneurship and social business, you came to the right place. Browse SBD Blog and explore our series of articles covering topics such as social innovation, business design and more.

Have fun reading our articles!

social startupper key questions to address

Social Startupper: key questions to address before starting your entrepreneurial journey

calculating pre-money and post-money valuations for impact startups

Calculating Pre-money & Post-money valuations for impact startups (+ tool!)

impact assessment for social enterprises

Impact Assessment for Social Enterprises

impact washing

Impact Washing: what it is and how to avoid it

responsible entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship

Responsible Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship: differences and similarities

business model innovation for social enterprises

Business Model Innovation for Social Enterprises

Key metrics for Social Impact Startups

growth engines for social enterprises

Growth Engines for Social Enterprises

circular business model, social business design, sustainability

Circular Business Model: what it is and how it works?

social business make profits, social business design

Can a Social Business make profit?

common mistakes social business model canvas

6 Most Common Social Business Model Canvas mistakes

social business pitch

5 tips to create a successful social business pitch

lean impact pillars of social innovation, social business design

Here are the three Pillars of Social Innovation

what is a social startup, defining social startups

What is a Social Startup?

why you need a social business plan, social enterprise business plan

Social Enterprise Business Plan

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