social business model canvas guide

An introductory guide to the Social Business Model Canvas

Learn how to correctly use the tool and how to avoid most common mistakes. The Social Business Model Canvas template and few practical example are provided inside!

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What's behind this work?

The Social Business Model Canvas is a visual tool developed to design and describe business models of social enterprises. This guide contains content, best practices and learnings gathered in 5+ years of experience using this tool with dozens of socially-oriented, impact-driven organizations.

Whether you are student or a practitioner, get your free copy today and learn how to correctly use the Canvas. Inside, you will also find the plain template as well as examples taken from two world-class social enterprises: Aravind Eye Care System and Proximity Designs.

Just in case you're wondering: YES, the guide is absolutely free! Just keep us in mind next time you need help or support with your social entrepreneurial project! :)

What will you learn?

Understand what the Canvas is all about

You will understand what is the main purpose of the Social Business Model Canvas and how teams can use it

Comprehend what to insert in each block

Section by section, you will comprehend what how to fill it in correctly

Learn most common mistakes to avoid

You will learn common pitfalls and errors teams encounter when using the tool

Download the template and real-life case studies

The plain template of the Social Business Model Canvas is provided, as well as examples from successful social enterprises

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